Tolin Mechanical Systems Company
 Facility Management System

Tolin Mechanical Systems Company offers a proven and cost effective solution to your on-site facilities operations and maintenance requirements.

Integrating Tolin’s Mobile Technical Services with a highly qualified on-site engineering staff along with our industry proven procedures, we develop and implement a customized Facility Services Program to meet the unique requirements of your property. Tolin’s proven ability to reduce operating expenses and improve the operational reliability of the technical systems for our clients has been the cornerstone of our long-term relationships.

Each location is supported with personnel who possess the required experience and expertise to achieve your operating objectives. All Personnel assignments include a detailed analysis of technical and customer service qualifications. Individual career development plans are created and reviewed prior to placement. Our personnel placement services include:

  • Qualification Specifications
  • Background Checks
  • Technical Capabilities Analysis
  • Customer Service Assessments
  • Licensing & Certification Reviews
  • Management Interviews

Upon selection and approval from your management team, each assigned associate receives a formal offer of employment to include:

  • A detailed Position Description
  • Annual Performance Objectives
  • Annual Training Objectives

Tolin provides a detailed management reporting system utilizing performance measurements as determined by each client. Variance Reports, Trend Analysis and Benchmarking Reports are provided on-line monthly for your review.

Qualified Personnel

Tolin provides a qualified team of service professionals to meet your operational & maintenance requirements.

  • Management & Supervision
  • On-Site Engineers
  • Off-Site Service Technicians
  • Design/Build Engineers
  • Certified Energy Mangers
  • Customer Service Representatives
Integrated Technologies

Tolin utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to effectively manage the delivery of services for your property.

  • Maintenance Management Programs
  • Automated Work Request Programs
  • Utility Tracking Programs
  • 24 Hour Dispatching Programs
  • Automated Purchasing Programs
  • On-Line Performance Reports

Industry Proven Procedures

Tolin customizes industry standard procedures to meet the requirements of your property.

  • O&M Procedures
  • Equipment Database Procedures
  • Safety Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Communication Procedures
  • Training Procedures
  • Administrative Procedures


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