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 Facility Management System

Tolin Mechanical Systems Company provides a comprehensive Energy Services Program designed to reduce the utility consumption and maximize the efficiencies of the technical systems at your facility. An assigned Certified Energy Manager will work closely with your management team to identify the utility cost saving opportunities. The objective of the Tolin Energy Services Program is to assist your organization in maximizing the value of your real estate asset by reducing both the energy cost and consumption at your facility.

Tolin’s approach to our Energy Services Program incorporates a simple three-step process.

Step One – The first step in our program is to identify and understand the existing design, operations and maintenance parameters of your property. Tolin completes a utility analysis that enables us to baseline and benchmarks your current energy consumption.

Step Two – Tolin provides the operational and maintenance recommendations to improve the energy efficiencies of the existing technical systems at your property. These non-capital recommendations are provided to ensure / return your systems to their peak operating condition.

Step Three – Only after your systems are operating at their peak efficiencies will Tolin then provide capital recommendations or options to further reduce utility expenses. These options will include a true financial return on investment model, allowing you to prioritize, and make the most informed business decision for your facility.

Tolin provides monthly on-line management reports to monitor and track the utility cost and consumption of your facility. This information is reviewed with your management team to further identify cost variances and potential savings opportunities. 


Utility Analysis

Tolin’s Energy & Project Services Group completes a detailed analysis of your current utility consumption and costs.

  • Design Review
  • Operations Review
  • Maintenance Review
  • Historical Cost Analysis
  • Rate Structure Analysis
  • Property Profile Analysis
  • Sequence of Operations Analysis
  • Energy Management Systems Analysis
  • Energy Conservation Analysis
  • Benchmarking Analysis
Utility Audit

After the technical systems are operating at their peak efficiencies, Tolin will complete an audit of the potential system upgrades to further reduce the energy consumption at your facility. Typical upgrade / retrofit opportunities include:

  • Chiller Modifications
  • Boiler Modifications
  • Fan Systems Upgrades
  • Pumping Systems Upgrades
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Variable Frequency Drives


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